Ellie Vaisman

Ellie Vaisman

Co-Founder & COO

Ellie is one of the most enthusiastic, joyful, and passionate businesspeople you will ever come across. He understands the business owner’s undying quest for maximising profit & growth whilst delighting their customers, keeping everything fun throughout the journey.

He brings with him a wealth of knowledge across multiple disciplines and industries, paired with strong business acumen, and a glorious experience in business, sales, customer service & operational delivery from his past lives in big corporate.

Ellie will ensure your business sees huge improvements in profitability, he will coach you in all things eCommerce & supply chain, and he will ensure your products are reflective of the current market trends in sustainability, quirky packaging, and that they are viable in today’s consumer space.

You will be blown away by the capabilities Ellie will introduce you to, boundless energy & optimism (he’ll call it “Vibes”). He is your gateway to the Sourci ecosystem, and every conversation will lead you closer & closer to bringing your product ideas & business plan into true fruition (or launching into the “stratosphere” as he will tell you).

One way or another, he will lead your business into success with a “zero soldiers left behind” mentality and an all too trusting ideology that means every one of his Sourci clients will always get their products brought to life despite any of the universe’s intentions to halt you or slow you down.

You’ll find him: Enjoying a fit & active lifestyle, gorging on good food, enjoying plenty of wine (& fireball shots) with anyone who’s around him, traveling every corner of the world, posting hilarious* Snapchat face-filter videos on IG, and working his butt off for his clients every night/weekend/day in-between.

Favourite coffee? A double Espresso, and an Almond-Breeze (way better than Milklab) almond milk latte on the odd occasion.