Giovanni Pino

Giovanni Pino

Co-Founder & CEO

For Giovanni, Sourci was born out of a personal pain point — struggling to find legitimate and trustworthy suppliers overseas. After sourcing several millions of dollars worth of products over the years for his own businesses, Giovanni set out on a quest to create a fool-proof formula to sourcing amazing products & managing great suppliers.

Giovanni is a born leader, strategic thinker, and almighty innovator. As a highly experienced entrepreneur, he is an early adopter of technology & a wizard of numbers, and he is definitely the type of person to listen closely to when receiving advice about your products, service, strategy, or overall concept.

Leading & driving the direction & operations at Sourci, Giovanni has meticulously designed & created every one of the 50+ proprietary checkpoints & processes that are part of every client’s experience in the modern Sourci of today. Being the reason that Sourci’s clients receive such a high calibre sourcing experience, you will want to try and brainstorm processes with Gio at every chance you can get.

Pro tip: Talk to Giovanni about your digital marketing, website, branding, and overall content strategy – he is an industry expert in all things marketing, and is responsible for the butt-kicking digital presence we have here at Sourci.

Hobbies: Spending quality time with Ivy, Bruce, and Archer (his beloved Cavoodles & pet cat), sweating it out at F45, working (he won’t call it work) 60+ hour weeks, AFL football, and a cheeky shiraz or three.

Coffee? Bonsoy soy latte, in a keepcup.